Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How Intelligent Are You?

Are we as intelligent as we think we are? Okay, I know you’re pretty smart. After all, you are reading this post, and smart people like to read and learn or explore various other vehicles of learning. So, I know that you are among the learned. Let me just say that first of all, this is not an IQ test of some sort. This post is not a tool to test your skill sets, or to measure your general knowledge of things like some game show or aptitude test. This article is about principles that, if you open your mind to them, will put you on the path to obtaining wisdom. The moment you embrace these principles, you begin to gauge  your intelligence. I know, I know. That sounds like an aptitude test. And yes, I know those tests are fun, I enjoy them myself. However, I assure you that this is not the journey I am taking you on. What I will speak to you are simple, but unconventional words of wisdom through four principles to promote thought and put you on a path towards universal intelligence. Okay, now with that out of the way, let me get to the part of gauging your intelligence.

Principle #1. I Am Not Intelligent

The first principle is foundational. We must, first of all, agree with Socrates, who once said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” We would do well, therefore, to acknowledge:
The more intelligent I think am, the dumber I become. The more I conclude my smartness, the more I decline to idiocy. Uh-oh, those are some strong words. Hang in there. This path we're on is going to be good.
I say that I am an intellectual because I am an intellectual; however, declaring this is a dangerous thing. It is because the moment I do, and the more that I do; I subconsciously begin closing myself off to the infinite wisdom available. The well of infinite wisdom remains wide open to those vessels that are empty enough and thirsty enough to drink it.
When I say, I am smart, I subconsciously say that I have arrived at superior levels of knowledge, which fosters a level of (false) security that I have obtained enough knowledge to ward off certain amounts of challenging wisdom and perceptions. This claimed state of intelligence may very well be true, but it is yet a dangerous and ignorant state to be in. This statement may also sound like a paradox.
When I say that I am intelligent, I send a subliminal message to myself that I have reached an above average level of intelligence sufficient enough to be above those perceived to be of limited intelligence. I then, therefore, limit myself to wisdom and perspectives coming from those vessels of perceived lower intelligence than mine, which are often too valuable to miss.
Therefore, the moment I say that I am smart, and then that perception makes me dumber, it also decreases my ability to become more intelligent, or more knowledgeable than I was previously.
Therefore, I will not acknowledge, or say that I am smart.

Principle #2. I Am A Learner

I will say rather, that I am more learned than I was previously. I will say that I am a learner, which means that I am always searching and learning, and open to further depths of knowledge and perceptions, to be able to understand more.
I will say that I am in the learning lane, which means that I stay on the road that leads to learning more, that I may keep learning and understanding more views, perceptions and knowledge.

Principle #3. Knowledge Of Any One Subject Or Item Can Never Be Complete

No knowledge of any one thing is infinite.
If God is infinite, if the universe is infinite, then the knowledge of the two can only be finite.
How can you ever say that your knowledge of anything is infinite, or complete? You contradict yourself!
To say that my knowledge of the infinite, that I have thorough or complete knowledge of that which is infinite is to say that I am infinite.
Doesn’t life teach us the allegory of completion? Once any living thing reaches maturity, at that moment, it begins to die or degenerate. Science has noted that the human body starts to decrease at stages of maturity. The Brain and lungs start declining at age 20 while the heart begins its decline by the age of 40.
This observation brings us to the fourth principle.

Principle #4. A Balanced Life Is The Embrace Of Incompletion And Deficits

The human quest for completion is an endless road of vanity. The human obsession with the ultimate achievement is an endless scramble akin to filling a lightweight bag of holes with water. Can it ever be filled? For every hole that has been plugged, another will appear. The quest for solutions is perpetual; the universal attainment is forever elusive. Life is only balanced when there are deficits. Deficits bring equilibrium. Doesn’t the wisdom of the scale teach us?
The two, three, or four sides of the scale(whichever is the case) is the only whole. There can be no balance unless each side has a deficit. Neither side can have the whole, or else the scale is severely imbalanced and causes discomfort for both sides and the universe of the scale. The further away from the balancing, the more discomfort to each and the scales universe. The closer to the balancing, the less discomfort for the common purpose of the scale. In the universe, a scale is only just when it is balanced. An unjust scale is an abomination to the master of the scale, who always seeks its balance.

This is why we see that when we raze through forests, pollute waters and our atmosphere, we see a perversion of ecosystems. It is because each living thing directly, or indirectly, supports the existence of another living thing. No living thing, including mankind, can live equitably without the life, functions, and wisdom of another living thing or force of nature. It would cause substantial and sometimes severe imbalances to the scale of existence that God has put in place. The scale always seeks balance which is all about harmonious existence within ourselves first, to be able to achieve harmony with outside beings and forces.    

Another example is the pie. Grab a pizza and have four devourers cut their own size piece to satisfy their varying degrees of hunger. Each devourer has an incomplete piece of the pie, because the pie itself is the only whole, and the whole is divided.
Wisdom also has made herself accessible to all beings in the universe. This accessibility doesn’t mean that all beings access wisdom simultaneously, or in the same manner as their other counterparts, or at the same speed or intervals, or have the same amounts. It only means that all beings have access, yet no being has complete control, nor monopoly capabilities. Besides, it would only piss off the master of the scales to see attempted violation of equilibrium. Therefore, no one being or compilation of beings is capable of having completion of wisdom. Every intelligent person will still need the assistance of others of diverse bits of intelligence in order to succeed in any one project. So, why be boastful of having more than another in an area or two? You can never reach completion anyway.
The moment you reach a supposed completion, you start to decrease. (to make an end of anything, you must decrease somewhere else.)
The more you decrease, the more you increase; the more you increase, the more you decrease.
Does this sound strange? Yes, I know it does. Let me explain.
The more I increase in knowledge in any one thing, the more I decrease in ignorance of it. The more I decrease the perception of how much knowledge I have, the more I increase my capacity to obtain more knowledge. The more I increase my perception of how much knowledge I have, the more I decrease my capacity to learn more. There must be a deficit somewhere, to produce increase somewhere else.

The universal law of sacrifice is that nothing is obtained without a sacrifice. To achieve an increase in one area, one must experience a decrease somewhere, in some field. There must be an offering somewhere.
Whoever will increase, must yield to a deficit on behalf of the other side(s) of the scale. It is the circle of life. Monopolies in any area and severely unbalanced scales are a violation of the universe and are a freak of the natural order. It is a representation of disorder in the universe.
We will never reach completion of wisdom in any area under this limitless universe. To be wise, we must embrace our insignificance in the vast ocean of boundless universe to walk in the balance of our purpose. If there was completion in the universe, then knowledge of the universe can be finite, and knowledge of any one thing in the universe can be finite, and be completed. However, once again, we know this is not the case. We can realize that we can only know partial and can only see partial.

I conclude by stating that to be wise, we must embrace our ignorance and become a perpetual learning machine, to passionately achieve balance on behalf of the universe. I encourage you to join this journey, as I advise you that your path to wisdom is paved by your continual acknowledgment of your ignorance, your passion for learning, and the realization of your perpetual inability to fulfill your quest for completion.
Once again, I ask you, How intelligent are you?

Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!
Today, I’m 50 + one and I’m so much fun. I am so blessed, even when I’m stressed.
With me it’s always a great day, even when I don’t get to play, and when I stray,
Or don’t receive pay.
I know it. It’s because my father in heaven is the last to say.
Life once asked me: tell me, what do you see.
I looked at life right dead in the eye, I said
Life is a cry.
You’ve got to let it all out, feed it to the rest, to help them all be their best.
And through all of this, you'll be passing your own tests.
It’s all about enduring, staying in the press.
It’s all about digging deep within, always follow your inner winds.
The end result, you will always win.
Yes, I told life that. He said, you know you’re right.
You’re full of might. Inside, you’ve got a lot of fight, with a lot of insight.
I said to life: plus I sleep well at night, and I keep my love real tight.
Happy Birthday to me and all of the December 11 crew! We’re a family. I love you!

Thank you so much everyone for the shout outs, calls, texts, inboxes. You’re all precious!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ladies Act Like A Lady

We often cry out for change at all levels of our existence. In our personal relationships with a mate, children, family, our workplaces, government, and society at large. Often, however, we resist the responsibility that comes with change. Whether it be through lack of preparation, maturity, or sincerity, this is very often a struggle with humans. Our society is experiencing a paradigm shift. Women are finally being respected more as equal now. Women are in construction, military combat, boxing, are CEOs, Senators, and heads of state. Positions previously restricted to men. Women in greater numbers are the breadwinners, are everything from Mayors, Governors, Judges, and lawmakers at every level of government. We still have some more ground to cover, but society has gotten the message, as more and more vestiges of inequality are being addressed. This equality, as with anything else, carries responsibility with it.

As we continue to vehemently oppose and correct any type of abuse against our women, we must also hold women accountable for abuse against men. Feminists and media pundits who persistently try to justify women on men abuse, are promoting a double standard, are hypocritical, and are part of the problem, not the solution. They should be expending that same energy on encouraging women to be ladies, and not assault their mates, the same way manhood mentors teach men to be gentlemen, and to not assault their mates. As part of this paradigm shift, society is heading fast toward intolerance of women getting a pass on women on men violence. Women must embrace this worthy change in societal attitudes, and start keeping their hands to themselves. It is also important for women, as well as men, to teach their daughters to do the same. Stand up and be a true Lady, a real woman that is not abusive, that doesn't take advantage of her woman status in assaulting men without punity.

If anyone, male or female, strikes another person, whether they be male or female, should expect to be stricken back.Everyone has a right to not be assaulted, both male and female, and has a right to meet force with force to eliminate violence against their person, whether the perpetrator is male or female.
Embrace the paradigm shift. Embrace change. Embrace the responsibility that comes with change.
Please share to promote healthy change.
Reaction To Women Abusing Men In Public

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Moving Forward

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Oftentimes, it is difficult to launch a new business, venture or project, or even follow a whole new path in life when we don’t have significant details of what its future holds. 
Life overall is the same way.
We came into life not having a clue to its prospects of success, or even what it holds. Natural life progression hold the clues to life ambitions and expansions. As we move into different levels of puberty and maturity, we experience feelings of uncertainty, the need for greater territory or space, and the tendency to increase exploration…and we move forward into those new realms of uncertainty. As babies, we  eventually seek to climb out of the crib or playpen. In adolescence and as teenagers, we push for longer curfews, more space to venture into via friends houses, outings, etc.
Even in adulthood, we as humans, continue to face natural pressure to continually progress. A larger apartment, a house, better vehicle, better job, promotions, more schooling, advancing in our relationship.
Progression is a natural mandate of life.

We must utilize the natural tools given to us to move forward. We are faith creatures. We entered into every level of maturity starting from infanthood, with the tools of exploration, feelings of uncertainty, and the need to increase space or territory, inherently knowing that we belong on another level.
I encourage you to continue the natural course of expansion until you have arrived at your destiny, the location that was placed into your inner dreams. It is the place that awaits you at the end of a road paved with feelings of uncertainty, the tools of exploration, with the gravitational pull of the need to increase your space or territory.

May you continue to operate in the God-supplied faith to progress into newer territories, complete with feelings of uncertainty, mixed with a hunger to explore, and the need for increase, to arrive at your destiny. Just take the child-like first step and then keep walking.
#YouCanDoThis #MovingForward

That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience, inherit the promises-Hebrews 6:12

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do You Have Yeast In You?

When you’re placed in the ovens of life, the fiery trials that engulf you, there is one question to ask yourself:
Do I have yeast in me?
The power to rise like dough in the midst of the heat, like the soaring bird in the storm, lie within all of us. The lightness in our spirit will cause us to float against the raging ocean waters, and ride the currents of life to our destinations. Though the sea may rage and the winds become contrary, I rise, because within me, as a yeast, I house the spirit of a powerful God!

Do you have your yeast in you?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mastering Your Atmosphere

Bringing the powerful universal forces of thought energy, word power, and passion-filled action together to make a clenched fist, has the power to change any atmosphere without, because it has already mastered the atmosphere within.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Can A Storm Rage Forever? A Prophecy

Can a storm rage forever?
How long can a bird stay in the air?
How long can a whisper stay silent?
In a little while, I will visit the times
For the earth is all mine
All of the species of every kind
Will you resist me and my hand?
Show me if you possibly can
For, in a little while, with the blast from my mouth,
I will send it all south
Into the pit, white supremacy will all be a myth.
I am the God of your tears
And know all of your fears
For your pain and rejection, I come with shears
To cut the cord on your shame
And replace it with a glorious fame
I will expand you and prosper you, and give you a great name.
For, I am the God of all of the peoples
I raise up and  I bring down, and I visit your steeples

Fear not my son, my daughter,
For the enemies of my righteousness, I’ll bring their plans to a slaughter
For your thirst, my children, I am bringing you fresh water.
For race is my place
And it suits my taste
And I am coming
I have made haste
To visit your case
The iniquity is full
In a deep sleep they lull
I love you my people
Great is your pain
And great will be your gain
I will visit your pain
With hordes of grain
Removing the shame.
All of your enemies, I will tame
I will crown you with a royal mane
Fear not, I am the Lord of Lords
And the King of Kings
Can anyone harness my anger?
And stuff it in a manger?
Can anyone suppress me with danger?
For, I am the God of your battle
I was there when they moved you like cattle
And sold you as chattel
But on all your history, you’ll place a saddle
You will ride it into glory.
For, I will return you to your former glory
Where you first wrote the story
The Lord of History
Is he who removes the mystery.
I am here my children, I am here.
I am here my children, I am here.
Do not fear. Your destiny is hidden… in my tear.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Destiny Of White Supremacy.A Prophecy

By Elijah Abdul Hakim

From the coals you emerged.
The embers of bigotry
Gave you hope and you found life--
To rule
To hate
For millions, you designed a horrible fate.
For centuries you reigned with brutal power,
On the backs of many you did cower.
But your reign must end
For God has spoken another trend
The winds of change he has begun to send
To relieve your poison from the minds of men
You have deceived the world
With your corruption of history
Making the truth such a mystery
You have sucked the blood of darkened peoples
You even used voices perched in steeples
But your reign will end
Sure as I-- hold the pen
Because the minds of men, God said he’ll open
The coals are dying
The embers are smoldering
Your reign is coming to a saddened ending.
But the world will rejoice with new freedoms
New powers
New alliances
We love this country
And we love our world
With all its beauty, colors and diversity,
Take a look at his creation,
It’s God’s university.
So, your reign will end
The tides of thinking will begin to bend
The media machine  will also attend
Manipulation of masses will crumble again
Did not history teach you
Has it not prepared you,
That nothing lasts forever
That the reign of empires
Are just like the weather
There’s a storm coming
Be sure to take cover
Bigotry will no longer
Be everyone’s lover
The king told us, no lie shall live forever
Although your design and strategy,
Was just so clever
As nations and people begin to sever
Your destiny is sure

It’s coming to an end.

Monday, April 20, 2015

How To Roll With The Punches

How do we  roll with the punches of life?

As humans, we constantly find ourselves engaged in battles and struggles. Not necessarily always against others, but against forces preeminent, and embedded into the everyday processes of life.
The many joys and victories of life are often accompanied by and are preceded by these struggles and sometimes misfortune. However, we roll with them.

We roll with the punches of life because we somehow know that there will be some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, even if we don’t currently see it. Embedded in our human spiritual makeup, is a faith that things will always get better some day. Throughout the course of life, we experience this truth over and over again, as each of us continually overcome obstacle after obstacle…small and large. These experiences produce strength, varying levels of hope, and an awareness that nothing lasts forever, all ingredients that help us to continually produce on levels large and small.
Jesus once said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
As humans, crafted in God’s image, that same ability is inherent in all of us. The ability to overcome. Those who have a more personal relationship with God, inviting and embracing Jesus’ conquering spirit to operate within us, have even more capability to roll with punches…even greater punches. It is because those who will do the right things in life, will face far greater troubles and hardships, than those who do not.  It is what Jesus was trying to prepare people for, who would commit themselves to his leadership in their lives. He was essentially saying, “walking uprightly will often cause great hardships and pain, but my presence with you during those times, will give you the strength and wisdom to cause you to be able to roll with those punches, and eventually come out on top.” Well, I can certainly agree with Jesus on that statement. I have experienced far more trouble and pain doing the right thing than when I have done the wrong things, but always seem to eventually triumph. Of course, we know Jesus has also. 
 We live in a society where there is such tremendous pressure to do and say what is popular, what will be accepted, and what will not bring us reproach from those around us, those that we feel we need, and those that have levels of power over us. We live in a society now, where there is increased incentive to do and say what will bring us glory from those around us, from those who can give us what  we need, and from those who can give us power.  

This trend is not consistent with the glorious makeup of man. Certainly not with God. Any behavior that is designed to race for glory is a satanic principle, as Lucifer’s mindset was and always will be designed to race for the glory, as his spirit encourages this mindset among mankind. Rolling with the punches of life is an overcoming and conquering principle that is part of man’s makeup, but it is for the purpose of servicing mankind, not for personal glory. Man’s original commission in the Garden of Eden was to conquer and service the earth, to guard it, not for personal achievements. Our life on this earth is not for personal achievements, and to achieve personal glory, but to contribute to its upkeep, the upkeep of mankind. Power is not for the purpose of personal glory, or achievement, but for the purpose of service, as God commissioned Adam in the garden.

True Conquerors are those who serve mankind and have achieved the heights of their service.

Rolling with the punches certainly  has a glory component to it, however. We constantly hear stories of triumph, where people have experienced seemingly insurmountable obstacles to eventually shine brightly above their peers in the service and contributions to the upkeep of  mankind. The same is true for anyone who will  walk with a clean heart and tread upon the path of justice towards their fellow man, and embark upon doing and saying what is not designed to give us the glory from mankind, but to serve mankind, and to contribute to the upkeep of a healthy civilization.

The Apostle Peter admonished in the scriptures that, “If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye, for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you.”-1Peter4:14
In the preceding and succeeding verses in this passage, Peter alluded to the concept of rolling with the punches of life either for good or for bad. Either way, life is full of troubles, that we, as men and women, have the ability to overcome. However, overcoming life’s obstacles, and rolling with the greater punches as a disciple of Christ, living out his attributes, or his “name” as Peter put it, comes with not only God’s glory, but God’s  presence inside you. In the original translation, the word ‘glory’ here, is defined as ‘honor’,  and  ‘brightness.’

Since we have to roll with the punches of life, no matter what kind of life we live, it is better to  receive the more bright and honorable glory that has a more eternal and heavenly presence attached to it, that comes from servicing mankind in whatever your purpose may be, than to race for the personal glory, that will likely have the same eternal outcome as Lucifer.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How To Win A Soul

He that winneth souls is wise…
God needs people in the nooks and crannys of society, under the floorboards, and cracks, to scrape people off the sidewalk, who have been stampeded, and crushed. Those who don’t see hope for their individual situation, and who feel so lost, they’re not even able to ask for directions. People who cannot ever be ministered to, through any kind of conventional means.
To win a soul is wise, to become a soul that needs to be won in order to win a soul is wise.
He That Winneth Souls Is Wise…
To become the creature, to win the creature, is God’s wisdom, through his son;
To become who you need to, and bring someone through, as the great Apostle advised, is how
It’s done.
Oh, if we step out of our cozy costumes, where we try to be so secure, then we become like our master,
Who gave up his majesty, lowering himself to be, among all our manure.
You can’t do it from your perch, but go deep into your heart, and into your passions, you gotta search,
To find your map,
And for your purpose to tap,
To be a well-nourishing sap,
Because he that winneth souls is wise,
So come out your own disguise,
Help your people reach their skies.
Yes, leave your own lies, put on a passion’s guise,
Cause he that winneth souls, is very wise.
-Elijah Abdul Hakim

               Proverbs 11:30; I Corinthians 9:22; Hebrews 2:9-10,16-18

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

Wishing every reader a safe, and fulfilling New Year!
Today I am praying that you have a:

  • New  Year with new refreshed vision, as fresh as the flow of cold, refreshing water upon a wearied runner, to give new inspiration, creating fresh paths.
  • New Year as sharp as the edges of a new sheet of paper, to write, follow, and stick to your goals on.
  • New  Year as crisp as a brand new $100 bill, to help fund aspects of your aspirations.
  • New Year as strong as the ground you stand upon, with new strength, resolve, and determination, that will give you the discipline to succeed in your endeavors.
And I pray most of all, for God’s hand to upon your year!