Saturday, April 20, 2019

Word Of The Lord Concerning The Unveiling Of Myths

These are the times where you will see racial myths begin to unravel as a thread unraveling from a cloth.
You will see the covers being unveiled concerning racial lies that have been burned into the world
psyche for centuries.
I will cause a people that was crushed to the ground and ground into dust, to begin to rise. They will rise with a strength not known before in these times.

This is why racial bigotry has increased in the public eye says the Lord. These are but small brush fires before me says the Lord for I will blow swiftly upon them and will bring shame for the world to be in awe.

I hear the groaning of a people that I have burned my presence into their skin. Their blood has not ceased to cry out to me.

When my trumpet shall sound, you shall begin to hear a new sound in the earth. This will be the sound of a new unveiling

I will unveil gifts and abilities. I will raise up geniuses of color from around the globe. Witty inventions, and answers. These gifts that I am unleashing upon the earth will be escorted by chariots the Lord says, and they will rise through much obstacles and opposition and will prevail.

This will be a time when the pursuers will be pursued and will be judged among the earth.

The hand of the Lord is upon the writers and upon the music. I will bring about newness in music. Music that will speak to the spirit and awaken gifts and purpose. Music that will gather the armies of the Lord and cause a oneness in the spirit of my people. I am raising up a people that will understand my body and will bring healing to it.

These are the days when the psalmists shall increase. False ones will spring up among the flock but will be brought down by my own hand, because I will uncover their shame.

There will arise a demand for the psalmists to come. These will come with my sound and will unshackle and unleash my army

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Love Endures

What can love do for us? 

On the surface it would seem that all love is good for is giving. 
The expression of love is giving, that's for sure. It is deeply rooted in giving. 

However, the principle in love points to the circle of life, which says that all things nourish all things.

Love says all life nourishes each other. The principle of life supplying life is what sustains all life and sustains all ecosystems and no one can exist without the other.

As humans are at the top of the food chain of earth's ecosystems, the human ecosystem operates on a higher, much more advanced system of, 'life supplying life.'

Since we are made in the image of God, and the essence of God is love, humankind's existence and progress on earth is sustained by love.

Love for God, individual people, humanity, for the earth that sustains us, civilization, destiny, purpose. Love for things.

Whoever or whatever we love, passion springs forth to nourish the object of our love.
This is where the giving aspect of love comes in.

This is why the Apostle Paul, under the inspiration of God, was trying to get across to us in I Corinthians 13, in the Bible. He was teaching us not only the necessity of love but the intense and profound power of love. 

Love builds and sustains. Love is a developer. It is constructive. Love protects. Love is creative. Love is courageous. It takes courage to love. 

Fear is the opposite of these things and produces the opposite of these attributes. However, love is a conqueror and will conquer fear.

Love endures. Not some things, but love endures all things.

Love for God and your relationship with him can endure all trials, disappointments, setbacks, calamities.
Fear is what causes people to lose hope, waver, and give up. Love can conquer that fear.

Love for a leader, and for the God that sent you to a leader to serve can cause you to endure all issues, trials, misunderstandings, disagreements, etc., to remain in service to help plot the path to a fuller destiny.

Love for your family can cause you to endure arguments and hurts, and reconcile.

Love for your destiny can cause you to go through whatever trials, hardships, obstacles, opposition, warfare, your own shortcomings, fatigue, failings, to rise back up and to continue attending to your destiny.
Love for your destiny can cause you to stick with your job, school, or ministry to find meaning in them to keep you positioned on your path to your ultimate destiny.

Love for your partner or spouse can cause you to consider your own faults and give them the same patience that you want them to give you in your faults. Love can cause you to cast out the fear that breeds selfishness, contempt, short-temperateness, and cover their sins with forgiveness and words that bring healing.

Love for humanity can cause you to push through people's apathy, hatred, opposition, complacency, ignorance, confusion, and all manner of evil to, with determination, continue to feed and serve humanity with your God-given gifts.

Finally, love for yourself that is fueled from contact with the love that God fills you with, will cast out the fear that hinders you from loving humanity, leadership, destiny, family, and your significant other.

Yes, God will do that.

Pray, I Cor. 13:4-8 into your life and you will see.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Prophecy Regarding The Middle East And Spiritual Israel Among The African Diaspora

In this post, I have released a series of prophecies God delivered to me during the latter part of 2018, after spending several months praying for America and various countries around the globe.

There are other specific prophecies regarding some of these events that I released straight to the officials of the appropriate countries.

Although this global shifting is decades in the making, there will be clear manifestations occurring in the present and near future towards its fruition.

At the beginning of 2018, I had committed myself to pray for my country, including it in my daily prayer list.
Soon after, I was instructed by God to pray for other countries, with a specific emphasis on the middle east and the African Continent.
Each month I would fast for 12 to 14 days, drinking liquids only and praying fervently, with a sizable portion of my prayer time spent interceding on behalf of the aforementioned areas of the globe.

I pray that everyone reading these prophecies are enriched and inspired toward the heavenly movement that is currently in place.

Word Of The Lord Concerning Spiritual Israel Among The African Diaspora.
Israel has for a long time enjoyed tremendous military, economic, and political power. Now, the Lord says, spiritual Israel will begin to exercise spiritual military power, economic and political influence.
Just as Israel has the United States as a host for its power, Spiritual Israel will have as its host for its power, the United States Of Africans.

The African peoples and voices of Christianity all over the globe will rise in influence, demonstration and unity not seen before.
The white churches will give precedence to the African voices of the diaspora, as well as those of the motherland.

God wants us to pray for and watch over Muslim countries that have a sizable and/or strong Christian population within them because those nations will experience a renaissance among the believers.
God will also cause political reforms in those countries as a result of the prayers and activities of the saints in them and will cause a new realm of prosperity and political stability to take place in them.
Nations of the past and of today that have been problematic will become a light to other nations and be protectors and benefactors to those nations that God will favor.

Iran and Pakistan will be nations that house God’s glory.

Prophecy Concerning New Political Structures

Over the next few years and decades, we will see new democracies come into being. These will not be democracies after the American order, but they will be hybrid democracies. These are the times when we will see those nations that were once strong and influential, become weakened and irrelevant. These will struggle desperately to remain relevant but will fail.
Over the next few years, we will see countries tinkering with their democracies, modifying their political structures and their constitutions. Some will come about through coups and attempted coups. Some will not. Some will come about through referendums and other means. This is of me, says the Lord.

There is coming a time in which nations that were once problematic, will be nations that house God's Glory. It will not be the kind of glory that will be looked for with tainted eyes but will be the revelation of God's glory in the eyes of them who see God's ways and thoughts as higher than ours.


Dramatic Dream Of Democracies

During the night of December 1, 2018, I had a dream. There was a demonic tail that was snatching people, millions of them, out of their countries.

In the dream, the Lord spoke to me and said, 'I am bringing about a population shift in the earth.'

I woke up and the Lord said to me, 'the devil is bringing destruction and devastation to countries' populations, but I will take him in his own craftiness and use this to bring about demographic shifts around the world.'

Over the next 10 -20 years, you will see a new face to certain countries.

There will be new political structures, different democratic structures, unlike those in the past.

You will see countries that will decline because of this shifting, and you will see new ones rise up because of this shifting.

For this cause, you will see new coups, revolutions, and reforms.

Countries that were not important to the global order will begin to take on the importance and be players on the global stage.

I will raise up a Christian democracy that will be an example of stability on The global stage.

New modes of communication will take center stage on the international scene. This is my doing says the Lord.


Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.-Amos 3:7(NIV)