Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Love Endures

What can love do for us? 

On the surface it would seem that all love is good for is giving. 
The expression of love is giving, that's for sure. It is deeply rooted in giving. 

However, the principle in love points to the circle of life, which says that all things nourish all things.

Love says all life nourishes each other. The principle of life supplying life is what sustains all life and sustains all ecosystems and no one can exist without the other.

As humans are at the top of the food chain of earth's ecosystems, the human ecosystem operates on a higher, much more advanced system of, 'life supplying life.'

Since we are made in the image of God, and the essence of God is love, humankind's existence and progress on earth is sustained by love.

Love for God, individual people, humanity, for the earth that sustains us, civilization, destiny, purpose. Love for things.

Whoever or whatever we love, passion springs forth to nourish the object of our love.
This is where the giving aspect of love comes in.

This is why the Apostle Paul, under the inspiration of God, was trying to get across to us in I Corinthians 13, in the Bible. He was teaching us not only the necessity of love but the intense and profound power of love. 

Love builds and sustains. Love is a developer. It is constructive. Love protects. Love is creative. Love is courageous. It takes courage to love. 

Fear is the opposite of these things and produces the opposite of these attributes. However, love is a conqueror and will conquer fear.

Love endures. Not some things, but love endures all things.

Love for God and your relationship with him can endure all trials, disappointments, setbacks, calamities.
Fear is what causes people to lose hope, waver, and give up. Love can conquer that fear.

Love for a leader, and for the God that sent you to a leader to serve can cause you to endure all issues, trials, misunderstandings, disagreements, etc., to remain in service to help plot the path to a fuller destiny.

Love for your family can cause you to endure arguments and hurts, and reconcile.

Love for your destiny can cause you to go through whatever trials, hardships, obstacles, opposition, warfare, your own shortcomings, fatigue, failings, to rise back up and to continue attending to your destiny.
Love for your destiny can cause you to stick with your job, school, or ministry to find meaning in them to keep you positioned on your path to your ultimate destiny.

Love for your partner or spouse can cause you to consider your own faults and give them the same patience that you want them to give you in your faults. Love can cause you to cast out the fear that breeds selfishness, contempt, short-temperateness, and cover their sins with forgiveness and words that bring healing.

Love for humanity can cause you to push through people's apathy, hatred, opposition, complacency, ignorance, confusion, and all manner of evil to, with determination, continue to feed and serve humanity with your God-given gifts.

Finally, love for yourself that is fueled from contact with the love that God fills you with, will cast out the fear that hinders you from loving humanity, leadership, destiny, family, and your significant other.

Yes, God will do that.

Pray, I Cor. 13:4-8 into your life and you will see.

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