Friday, January 8, 2016

The Fate Of Hate

I was living in the heat of my own lands,
Harvesting provisions with my own hands.
You came upon us with trickery, and swarmed us with bands.
You took us to a land that wasn’t flowing with milk and honey,
But yet with our skill and hard work,
With it we made you money,
We made this land flow with the honey.
Because of your hate, you will need to be replaced.
Power must be had, by no one that is mad.
We don’t hate you, but we will replace you.
Read my prophecy, with the eyes of your spirit.
You will behold a better democracy, with less hypocrisy.
Because the prayers of the righteous, and the blood of the martyrs,
Along with the work of the gardener, in God’s eyes have been precious.
As God’s eyes stay steadily on the sparrow, we know he has been watching over us.

What you presently see, is not what we will be.
You have seen what we can build, and are afraid of what we can do.
We will build this thing better, a democracy that is true.
As we made it flow with honey, and burst forth with money,
We will make this place brighter, and much more sunny.

Do not fear, we won’t  bring you to tear. We will handle with care, and share, and relieve the bare.

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