Book Of Poetry

The Law Of Inspiration
There are laws you must follow…
A pen is your friend and a pad is not a fad
So you’ve got to keep them close,
You’ve got to be always ready
It can drop any time,
In your sleep, at work, in a car, at the light
Any night, anytime, this bell will chime
You must answer, you must pause, you must never hesitate
Because inspiration when it’s golden, it will never wait
Keep your ears keen, keep your movements flexible,
Keep your two friends close, they’re the ultimate crucible
Be like water my friend, be gentle and yet strong,
But be strong and yet gentle
Because all of this exercise flows from the mental
Be a slave to your trade, for it will make you free
Be kind to your mind, to hear the inspiration chime.

-By Elijah Abdul Hakim  

The Woman Adventure
A woman’s soul is an adventure, meant to be explored.
A sound to be echoed deep in the ear of he who would listen.
Touch her fire and be warmed, or
feel  her fire and be burned.
be embraced  by her lips and be fulfilled, or be chased by her lips and be scorned.
Buy her,
empower her,
for then you’ll adventure her,
the deepest journey of endless fulfillment.
-By Elijah Abdul Hakim

Are You There God?

Under the tree I sat,
And I asked, are you there God?
He said, I am here.
I asked again, are you there God?
He said I am here.
I repeated it again. God, are you there?
He said, I am here.
After a long and exasperated sigh, I said, God if you are there, say something to me. Anything.
Finally, he said,” I have been sitting here with you, answering you;
But sadly, you’re not listening, and therefore, cannot hear me.”
“I just gave you your own private breeze in response to your first question,
Because  it was so hot and humid,
And there were no breezes anywhere else in the area.”
“When you asked me the second time, I touched your hand, and you received inspiration,
But didn’t write down what flowed inside you.”
“You asked me the third time, and I moved the sun out of your face, so you wouldn’t be distracted from hearing me.”
“But you wasn’t paying attention.”
“I’ll rest my hand on your shoulder now, and give you strength for your journey.”
Finally, I just got up, and walked away.
God never answered me, but I felt so revived, refreshed from sitting down  resting under that tree, enjoying the occasional breeze, in the perfect shade spot.
Just the right amount  of sun, and in the right places.

Well, at least I found a good refreshing spot. My thoughts seem to flow good there.
-By Elijah Abdul Hakim


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