Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Do You Know How To Get Home?

This world is not my home. I’m just passing through.

As beautiful as this world is, I won’t be here very long.
As fun as it may be, it’ll be just a short stay.
Heaven is my home, but for the short time I am here, I am charged with contributing to its livability; for myself and others, as much as lie within me...just like Jesus did. 

During Jesus' short stay here, he used his power and gifts to relieve pain, suffering, address government issues, and told people how to get home.

Do you think this world is your home? Do you plan to stay long?
How will you tidy your corner?
Are you contributing to its cleanliness, or are you dirtying things up for the rest of us to clean?

Are you making this place as livable as possible, for yourself and for others? Like Jesus did?
Are you telling people how to get home? Do you know how? Do you have directions?
Have you relieved any pain? Any suffering? Is the government upon your shoulder, like Jesus showed us?

Whatever gifts you have; whatever talents you possess, they are not just for you to eat off of; they’re for me too, and the world around you. Are you giving it to the world, or do you keep it for yourself?

Let us do what Jesus did.
Relieve the world of some ills.
Address government issues.
Help people get on the road to home.
It’ll just be a short stay, because…

This world is not our home.