Friday, January 3, 2020

The Lord Of The Shift

The Lord Of The shift
Is also-
the Lord of the rift
with a wave of my hand
I remove the shams
From the norms I cause 
a drifting
that will bring about my shifting
For the world will see as I will unfold
a new uplifting. 
Out of the darkness of the powers
I will bring a new dawn.
with fresh dew for the lawns
that birth the new blades
that my hand has sprung
out of the dung.
For this cause leaders will fall
along with their gall
Lieberman will decline
as I cause Benny to unwind
and spread his skirt.
I unravel the Sauds 
like a thread from a cloth
as the economy moves like a sloth.
Francs will suffer
as I move in another
to strengthen the brother
Of a very different mother
that will no longer be smothered.

The Lord Of The shift
has started to sift
nation upon nation
from sea to sea
Many will be disjointed 
for my purposes
will not be disappointed
A new king is on the horizon
He shall hasten the time when they shall say
how have you fallen
and have not fulfilled your calling
The toppling of the West
when they were once the best
but I have called for less
so others can enter into their rest
and experience excess
and bring the rest some success
without beating their chest 
and being consumed with their dress
Yes, The Lord Of The Shift
 has come-
to change the sum
to end the rations 
and all the fractions
for the Sons of Cush
and give them the push
to sanctify
and Glorify.

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