Friday, January 3, 2020

Who Can Resist The Lord?

Who Can Resist me when I topple Assisi? 
The world will watch me as I move these leaders like pieces on a board
As you have seen me move their people
Like the hordes
one by one, they will topple
Watch their nations
That I will grapple
For I will now change governments and their policies
Yes, there are some that will leave, kicking and screaming.
Filling the world with lies and fallacies

Who can resist the Lord?
During this next season, I will pluck out
And bring down. Those that are so high, I bring them now to the ground.
Did you not hear my sound?
It is now time that I make my rounds. 
For the world must know that it is I who give crowns.
Are they not afraid of my frown?
I am the Lord of reform, not the God who abides by your norm. 
I am he who brings the storm
And awakes you when you are born. 
I am the one who now brings you new powers and will write new structures,
Raising up new towers.
Saad I liked, but he has reached his height.
It is now time to bring in New might.
I have a new region in my sight.
I cast out the old, to bring in the new.
Even the Salman, and all his crew.
New governments are coming.
I have them in stew.
The eagle too.
The skies over you will once again turn blue.
Who Can Resist The lord?
By what power or counsel can you cause me to lay?
They say I am gone, that I somehow left for the day.
But I assure you, I am the God of the stay.
I order prayers that I may come your way.
I put the cries in your hearts
So that I can come and do my part.
I speak to my prophets before I start.
They know what's on my heart.
I fill them with fire 
And my desire
To speak and to usher to hear my voice and to be its gusher
Stand firm. Believe.
Do not let your faith suffer.

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