Saturday, April 20, 2019

Word Of The Lord Concerning The Unveiling Of Myths

These are the times where you will see racial myths begin to unravel as a thread unraveling from a cloth.
You will see the covers being unveiled concerning racial lies that have been burned into the world
psyche for centuries.
I will cause a people that was crushed to the ground and ground into dust, to begin to rise. They will rise with a strength not known before in these times.

This is why racial bigotry has increased in the public eye says the Lord. These are but small brush fires before me says the Lord for I will blow swiftly upon them and will bring shame for the world to be in awe.

I hear the groaning of a people that I have burned my presence into their skin. Their blood has not ceased to cry out to me.

When my trumpet shall sound, you shall begin to hear a new sound in the earth. This will be the sound of a new unveiling

I will unveil gifts and abilities. I will raise up geniuses of color from around the globe. Witty inventions, and answers. These gifts that I am unleashing upon the earth will be escorted by chariots the Lord says, and they will rise through much obstacles and opposition and will prevail.

This will be a time when the pursuers will be pursued and will be judged among the earth.

The hand of the Lord is upon the writers and upon the music. I will bring about newness in music. Music that will speak to the spirit and awaken gifts and purpose. Music that will gather the armies of the Lord and cause a oneness in the spirit of my people. I am raising up a people that will understand my body and will bring healing to it.

These are the days when the psalmists shall increase. False ones will spring up among the flock but will be brought down by my own hand, because I will uncover their shame.

There will arise a demand for the psalmists to come. These will come with my sound and will unshackle and unleash my army

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