Friday, January 3, 2020

The African Risings

The Word Of The Lord comes to Nigeria and says:

Let ingenuity come forth from you and rein in this millennium. Let the increase in patents come forth. Let innovations, technological advances in business and science, and military technology.
I call forth for the financial wizards to come and reform this economic giant. The Word Of The Lord says you Nigeria will birth the new geniuses and will be a river that will feed the region. The word of the Lord says that I do pour you out all over the continent to water the nations with your talent.

The Word Of The Lord says to Ethiopia: O mighty giant of the ages. I resurrect you to glory and cause you to rein over nations for my glory. I shall make you an example of my heart and my will. Be strengthened and let your military prowess spring forth like the Lion pack and take what belongs to you. The Lord says I have given you the keys to power and to freedom, and you must rein for my namesake. I do reform your government and your alliances, and I give you the wisdom of the ages to rein after my own heart.

Whoever you chase, I will chase says the Lord, for I am with you

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