Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Can A Storm Rage Forever? A Prophecy

Can a storm rage forever?
How long can a bird stay in the air?
How long can a whisper stay silent?
In a little while, I will visit the times
For the earth is all mine
All of the species of every kind
Will you resist me and my hand?
Show me if you possibly can
For, in a little while, with the blast from my mouth,
I will send it all south
Into the pit, white supremacy will all be a myth.
I am the God of your tears
And know all of your fears
For your pain and rejection, I come with shears
To cut the cord on your shame
And replace it with a glorious fame
I will expand you and prosper you, and give you a great name.
For, I am the God of all of the peoples
I raise up and  I bring down, and I visit your steeples

Fear not my son, my daughter,
For the enemies of my righteousness, I’ll bring their plans to a slaughter
For your thirst, my children, I am bringing you fresh water.
For race is my place
And it suits my taste
And I am coming
I have made haste
To visit your case
The iniquity is full
In a deep sleep they lull
I love you my people
Great is your pain
And great will be your gain
I will visit your pain
With hordes of grain
Removing the shame.
All of your enemies, I will tame
I will crown you with a royal mane
Fear not, I am the Lord of Lords
And the King of Kings
Can anyone harness my anger?
And stuff it in a manger?
Can anyone suppress me with danger?
For, I am the God of your battle
I was there when they moved you like cattle
And sold you as chattel
But on all your history, you’ll place a saddle
You will ride it into glory.
For, I will return you to your former glory
Where you first wrote the story
The Lord of History
Is he who removes the mystery.
I am here my children, I am here.
I am here my children, I am here.
Do not fear. Your destiny is hidden… in my tear.

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