Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Destiny Of White Supremacy.A Prophecy

By Elijah Abdul Hakim

From the coals you emerged.
The embers of bigotry
Gave you hope and you found life--
To rule
To hate
For millions, you designed a horrible fate.
For centuries you reigned with brutal power,
On the backs of many you did cower.
But your reign will end
For God has spoken another trend
The winds of change he has begun to send
To relieve your poison from the minds of men
You have deceived the world
With your corruption of history
Making the truth such a mystery
You have sucked the blood of darkened peoples
You even used voices perched in steeples
But your reign will end
Sure as I-- hold the pen
Because the minds of men, God said he’ll open
The coals are dying
The embers are smoldering
Your reign is coming to a saddened ending.
But the world will rejoice with new freedoms
New powers
New alliances
We love our countries
And we love our world
With all its beauty, colors and diversity,
Take a look at his creation,
It’s God’s university.
So, your reign will end
The tides of thinking will begin to bend
The media machine  will also attend
Manipulation of masses will crumble again
Did not history teach you
Has it not prepared you,
That nothing lasts forever
That the reign of empires
Are just like the weather
There’s a storm coming
Be sure to take cover
Bigotry will no longer
Be everyone’s lover
The king told us, no lie shall live forever
Although your design and strategy,
Was just so clever
As nations and people begin to sever
Your destiny is sure

It’s coming to an end.

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