Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!
Today, I’m 50 + one and I’m so much fun. I am so blessed, even when I’m stressed.
With me it’s always a great day, even when I don’t get to play, and when I stray,
Or don’t receive pay.
I know it. It’s because my father in heaven is the last to say.
Life once asked me: tell me, what do you see.
I looked at life right dead in the eye, I said
Life is a cry.
You’ve got to let it all out, feed it to the rest, to help them all be their best.
And through all of this, you'll be passing your own tests.
It’s all about enduring, staying in the press.
It’s all about digging deep within, always follow your inner winds.
The end result, you will always win.
Yes, I told life that. He said, you know you’re right.
You’re full of might. Inside, you’ve got a lot of fight, with a lot of insight.
I said to life: plus I sleep well at night, and I keep my love real tight.
Happy Birthday to me and all of the December 11 crew! We’re a family. I love you!

Thank you so much everyone for the shout outs, calls, texts, inboxes. You’re all precious!

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