Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Increase In Value

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.-Booker T. Washington.

Have you ever taken notice of how you felt the last time you gave a beggar some money, gave someone directions, helped a friend out of a sticky situation, or gave someone a jump-start?
Take a moment to think about the exhilaration you felt during any of these incidents or if you have ever helped someone land a job or to get a position that made a positive impact on them. Levels of gratitude expressed by that recipient only enhanced your exhilaration proportionate to the degree of recognition.

Just stop reading for a moment, pause and replay some of those experiences.
What is interesting is that many, if not all of us have experienced at least one of these described incidents of giving. Chances are, you can think of so many incidences of yourself giving that I have not mentioned. If you have reminisced one or more of those moments, I have a question to ask you.
Did those moments of giving make you feel weak, or did they make you feel strong?
I would comfortably wager that you felt more powerful than you felt before your deed. Sometimes they were merely words that you gave that built up someone.
Once you have received confirmation that someone was added to by your efforts, usually expressed by some level of gratitude, you were added to even more. Of course, if you have helped someone, and gratitude was not expressed, and then that could potentially lessen the surge of force that you would typically receive even though you still receive energy just by the simple giving. The more confirmation that we receive, the more built up we become.

Each time we initiate a selfless act towards someone through words or deeds, we increase that person’s value. Inadvertently, we increased our value in the process.
When you delivered your word or deed of increase, didn’t it make you feel better? More peaceful? More important? You were increased at least one level in whatever you were feeling. If you were feeling down, you began to feel less down. If you were feeling good, it made you feel even better.

God in his wisdom has created a tool that enables us to give life and add to ours at the same time. Jesus said in the Bible(John 4:14)to the woman to drink of his water, and he would cause a well of water to be inside of her that would be a spring and even yield eternal life for her. While this statement referred to the spirit of salvation and the eternal life that this force would produce, every word that Jesus spoke is so pure and laden with so much depth, that his words always have layers of life-giving truth that can revolutionize our everyday existence if applied effectively. He alluded to the life-giving wells that are inherent inside of us that could be enhanced considerably by having a relationship with him.
Embedded in our god-formed makeup is the ability to spread life around, and to preserve ours in the process. Our spiritual and emotional makeup is designed for us to be life-giving springs for those around us to drink from and receive sustenance. The more life we give, the more life we receive.
Deposit life into someone and grow.

Sometimes we are weary with the process of life and may even feel used by others. You may feel that you have given of yourself and have been drained dry. However, you are full of life, just by your giving. You may be tired, but you are not empty. It is our perspectives that hurt us, not our giving.
 I’ll give an example.
Let us say you loaned someone money. Well, a loan comes with expectations. It means that there is, at least, some expectation that it will return to you. At the very moment, you gave the money, you were empowered by and felt important by that act of giving. Later on, if you were not paid back as expected, you may have felt angry. The anger and disappointment are what chisels at your feeling of value, not your giving.
If you had given that same money to say, a homeless person with no expectations of receiving anything back, then at any later date there would be no challenge to your value that you felt upon giving it.

 I’m not suggesting to eliminate expectations. However, we must manage our expectations when giving. We manage our expectations by first defining our purpose for giving and then knowing that we have increased ourselves regardless. It is also important to be aware not to cast your pearls before swine as Jesus warned. This act would be the quickest route to becoming weary.
A safe and quick way to help build yourself back up is to help build someone else up. Increase your value today by finding someone to increase. Deposit a kind word or deed into someone and reap the benefits.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.-Napolean Hill
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