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E.A. Hakim is a father, writer, inspirational and prophetic blogger, as well as a Prophet, Teacher, Intercessor, and Spiritual advisor. 
Elijah is the founder of Elijah Prophetic Watchtower Ministries and Chief Intercessor at the Eagle Prayer Mission, where he teaches and presides over political, and government intercession for the US and other countries.

A former columnist, Elijah pioneered and authored a locally acclaimed political column focused on nonpartisan faith and politics. An adept teacher of Biblical Government, Elijah has also conducted many workshops, training, and lectures on subjects ranging from business planning, job preparedness, community & political organizing, biblical views on governing, as well as male parenting. 

 Elijah has been a prophetic voice to elected officials, political, business, and church leaders, as well as individuals from all walks of life for now over thirty years.
Elijah, having served in many leadership capacities in the community, political, government, church, and nonprofit organizations,  has deep insight into, and desire to see strong character and integrity in leadership.
It is Elijah's deep love for all humanity that fuels his insightful, and practical approach to teach, inspire, motivate, and challenge individuals into fulfilling their life's purpose, and to contribute to the well-being of the lives that surround them. 

 Elijah is the author of four books includingThe God Of Politics, The Nonpartisan Guide To Government, Governing, And Politics From A Biblical Perspective.
A native New Yorker, Elijah currently lives in Ohio. 

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